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Compensation From At-Fault Driver’s Insurance

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Auto collisions can have devastating effects. Drivers who have been involved in an auto collision are likely to suffer from physical injuries and have damaged cars. In the state of Texas, the insurance of the driver who is at fault in an accident should pay for the damages.

The state also has a comparative fault law that assigns percentage of fault to drivers who are responsible for a car accident. Drivers who have been given a percentage of fault do not usually receive 100 percent of the compensation awarded by the court. There are other things to know about auto collisions and getting compensation for a car accident. offers information about the concerns.

Car Damages of a Driver Who Is Responsible For an Auto Collision

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An at-fault driver who has a car that is damaged can file a claim with their own insurance company. A driver who has collision coverage is entitled to a car accident claim with their insurance company. However, there is a deductible that a driver needs to pay and it depends on the deductible the driver agreed to upon selection of the car insurance.

Rental Car Coverage

A victim of an auto collision can be covered for the cost of a rental car with their own insurance company or that of the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The coverage for a rental car with the insurance of an at-fault driver is provided depending on what step the liability determination process is on. A rental car is provided while the car is being repaired or when it is decided that a car is a total loss and an offer is already provided.

Totaled Car and “Loss of Use” Money

A car is “totaled” when the expenses for damages already exceed the value of a damaged car. The insurance company can provide a “loss of use” money that is useful for getting a rental car. The amount should match that of a rental car that is similar to the person’s wrecked car.

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