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Deer season means more car accidents.

Did you know that deer cause more deaths each year than any other animal on earth? According to a report from WOAI radio, San Antonio has one of the highest rates of car and deer accidents in the state. The next 5 weeks are when the accidents are the highest. Here are 4 things to remember while driving this deer season.
1. Don’t swerve to avoid a deer. Most deaths are caused by swerving into a tree or oncoming traffic. The deer will bounce off your car, the tree will not. Hit your brakes but don’t swerve.
2. The deer crossing the road is just one in a herd. If you see one there are likely more just on the edge of the road.
3. Deer forget how to look both ways during this season. Male deer don’t care if your car is headed right toward them. If they see or smell a female they will go through your car if they need to.
4. Deer are most active between 6pm and 9pm
If you find yourself involved in an auto accident as a result of a deer, contact Miracle Body and Paint and we will help you deal with your insurance company to fix your vehicle and get back on the road.