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Deer season means more car accidents.
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Watch out for trick or treaters

Last week we talked about how fall brings out deer that are completely oblivious to their surroundings as they search for mates. This week we will be talking about other types of creatures that are just as likely to pass in front of your car on October 31st.
They will be everywhere, ghost, zombies, spider men, iron men, princesses, and middle schoolers. All with one thing on their mind, Candy! Here are some quick tips for avoiding a tragedy this year.
1. Take your time on the road. This is the absolute one day that you do not need to be in a hurry. Once you are in a residential area, or even a parking lot, take it slow.
2. Beware cars parked on the side of the road. Kids love trick are treating and most of the time they are not on a leash. They are also very fast so sometimes parents trying to shepherd these critters will not be able to catch a child as it decides to run into the road. One of their favorite places to run out from is from behind a car. They don’t know any better, so you just have to be extra careful.
3. Beware the older trick or treater. Middle school kids and older tend to go out on their own and in more adult party type costumes that are not designed to be visible at night, This means they could be wearing black robes with no reflectors on them. If you are driving in a particularly dark area, don’t be afraid to drive with your bright lights on. It’s better to temporarily blind a kid if it means that you can see them.
Stay safe this Halloween and remember miracle body and paint if you are ever in an auto accident and need auto collision repair. We do the best job in San Antonio and we will save you money on your deductable.