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Defensive Driving Strategies by Miracle Body and Paint

defensive_driving_strategies_2Learning how to drive defensively is an important skill for any driver. Though it is true that we have no control over how other drivers go on the road, we can always have complete control over how we do our own driving.  Having the knowledge when it comes to defensive driving can minimize and prevent auto accidents and collisions. But what exactly is defensive driving? San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint explains what you need to know about this topic.

defensive_driving_strategies_3Defensive driving is a driving method that enables you to take every possible precaution in order to prevent road problems. Defensive driving is a good way to keep you, your family or any of your passengers away from danger. Some defensive driving rules best remembered are:

Always prepare yourself

Defensive driving starts with you, the driver. It is important to always make sure to check the tire pressure, oil, gas and water level before you leave. You would also want to check the mirrors, seats as well as make sure you carry insurance documents in your car before you head out.

Control your temper

Avoid reacting to road range. Being mad will never solve any situation and will only worsen a minor situation into a very serious encounter.

defensive_driving_strategies_4Use your headlights and keep distance

Using your headlights is even more important during bad weather. It is a good idea to use the two second rule when you are driving. This just simply means for you to wait at least two seconds of driving time behind the car in front of you all the time. Increasing the distance to a level comfortable for you is important during bad weather conditions. It is also a good idea to avoid those cars that you think are broken down or are already showing signs of being damaged. If possible, you can pull into the other lane away from the vehicle.

This list is just a few of the defensive driving tips you can follow whenever you are driving. Tune in regularly to Miracle Body and Paint for more tips, tricks and helpful driving strategies.