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Defensive Driving Tips by Miracle Body and Paint

defensive driving2Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio is dedicated to customers who find themselves in the middle of an auto collision. Aside from our fervent wish that no serious injury is incurred, we aim to assist you by doing the best auto repair for your vehicle.

We all know that defensive driving is the best way to avoid these accidents and even minimize the number of the most serious cases. At Miracle Body and Paint, we want everyone to be vigilant on the road and practice good defensive driving all the time. Defensive driving techniques will be helpful to beginners and even seasoned ones wanting to brush up on their driving skills. Defensive driving can lessen and even eliminate serious accidents. Follow these useful tips:

  1. Expect the worst. A sample scenario is expecting a car signaling that it is about to take a turn will suddenly not turn, vice versa.
  2. Expect that stop signs or red signals can be ignored by other drivers.
  3. defensive driving3Be attentive with drivers who are using the phone while driving.
  4. Expect that not all cars can be noticed and seen while you are driving.
  5. Always check every signals, indicators and brake lights of other vehicles.
  6. Maintain road discipline and try to avoid driving too close behind another car. Always keep your line of sight free from obstruction.
  7. Adjust your rearview mirrors properly and as much as possible avoid tinted window panes.
  8. Double check the road for any bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, potholes, and animals. Look for any objects on the road.
  9. Avoid driving too fast or too slow, always maintain the required speed limit.
  10. It is better to always know an exit route and stay near the outer lane as much as possible. This is to help you back out or stop quickly in case of emergency.

defensive driving4Aside from helping prevent any auto collisions, these defensive driving tips can make our roads safe and pleasant to drive on for everyone. If you happen to find yourself in an auto accident, just contact Miracle Body and Paint.