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Gas Saving Tips by Miracle Body and Paint

gas saving tipsIf you are looking for ways to save on gas cost, you can follow these tips brought to you by Miracle Paint and Body Shop in San Antonio:


Make it a habit to check your air filter regularly

A clean air filter improves gas mileage by almost 10 percent, but it is estimated that one in four cars need filter replacement. Expect cost savings up to 40 cents a gallon by having a clean air filter.

Regularly schedule a tune up

Can you still remember your last tune up? Mileage is improved up to eight percent through a properly maintained engine which can save up to 16 cents a gallon.

gas saving tipsย Straighten up and pump your tires

You can save up to twenty percent by aligning your tires. If a tire is misaligned, it causes the tires too quickly wear out and forces the engine to work harder. More so, a deflated tire will put a strain on the fuel efficiency. Most people are not aware they are already running on deflated tires, losing up to twelve cents per gallon.

Check the gas cap

Fumes escaping from the gas cap do not only cost you two cents per gallon, but it also releases toxic compounds in the air. Unfortunately nearly 17% of cars today have broken or missing gas caps.

Reduce Speed

You can lower your fuel consumption by 28 cents by reducing your highway speed from 70 mph to 65 mph.

Aim to drive more smoothly

Bad driving habits on the road add as much as 1/3 to your gas bill. Improve your fuel economy and save up to 2 cents a gallon by avoiding jack-rabbit starts and stops, and herky-jerky driving.

gas saving tipsAvoid idling

Idling wastes gas and causes pollution. If you are stopping for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine and donโ€™t bother warming up your car before driving since itโ€™s no longer necessary.


At Miracle Body and Paint, we aim to save you money when driving your precious vehicle. Not only will these tips save you money, these will also help you avoid any auto collision accidents.