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Determining an Auto Paint Job’s Cost

Many car owners who get involved in an auto accident or auto collision would also want to know how much it will cost them to repaint their car. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas answer is: it will depend on different factors.

An auto paint job is considered a process with multiple phases. An auto paint job entails preparing the surface, priming, protecting the trim and then doing the actual painting. The cost will be highly dependent on the type of products, technology and methods used in every stage of the auto painting process. A good paint job also needs a skilled painter with the right expertise to do it well, therefore skill level also contributes to the total cost of the auto paint.

Here are the different stages of an auto paint job:

  • Preparing the surface – the car’s surface needs to be prepped before any repainting is done. Surface preparation requires using specialized tools and equipment, applying chemical treatments or welding, removing dust, straightening panels, fixing and even applying fillers. Greater quality can be achieved if the auto technician who does a detailed surface preparation. What’s more, the end result will be more durable and a more expensive finish.
  • Priming – priming the car’s body is a very crucial step. This is because it gives that much needed protective layer between the automotive paint and the car’s metal shell. Primers also enhance the color consistency as well as strengthen the finish’s resilience. To ensure a seamless finish, the technician will usually apply the primer and sands it multiple times.
  • Protecting trim– auto body and repair shops typically uses two different methods, masking or de-trimming when it comes to trim protection. Masking uses tape to cover the vehicle’s trim and is considered more affordable. De-trimming on the other hand is more labor-intensive since the trim is removed before the painting process then reinstalled after. This is a more expensive technique but is more effective.
  • Painting- when it comes to painting, a single stage paint or base coat/clear coat paint can be used. Both types are available in many colours to match any vehicle, but base coat/clear coat paint products use latest technological advancements to align the colours better. This means that it will cost more, but the result is a deeper color with more shine and better protection against debris, dings and dust.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio uses only the latest paint technology and equipment to give its clients high quality paint jobs. If you want to repaint your car, don’t hesitate to contact us!