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Newly Painted Car Care Tips

Just had a paint job? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas brings you some practical tips on how to take care of your newly painted car.

  • Avoid washing your car for the first 15 days. If it’s unavoidable, make sure you don’t use any soap.
  • It will take approximately 60 days for your car’s new paint to cure. Aside from washing, you must also avoid waxing it within the given time frame. Doing so will ensure the paint to last longer. Remember to avoid gravel roads since it’s more easy for chipping to occur at this stage.
  • When it’s time to wash, make sure to follow these tips:
  • Don’t wash under the direct sunlight. Look for a shaded spot for your car to park on.
  • It’s best to stick with automotive soap for the meantime, and make sure you use a lot of clean, cool water to wash it all out.
  • Use a soft chamois cloth or electric leaf blower when drying your car.
  • To avoid unnecessary scratches, don’t dry wipe.
  • Household soaps and detergents can damage the paint over time, so never use them for cleaning your car.
  • After two months rest, make sure to schedule regular washing once a month. Regular maintenance can make the paint last longer. Any dirt that is left on your car’s surface can cause corrosion, rust and oxidation.
  • Don’t use too much pressure wash since it may lead to paint peeling and chipping. Use it occasionally only when there is salt, sand or mud dislodged behind mouldings and under bumpers.
  • After the first 60 days, make sure to bring back regular waxing schedule. Waxing can help you protect your car’s finish from the harmful rays of the sun as well as small scratches. In order to build a strong surface protection, make sure to wax your car consistently for 2-3 weeks. After that time period, you can do it every six months.

The rule is, you will make less swirls or scratches if you limit touching or rubbing the newly painted surface. It is wise to buy the softest towels, sponges or chamois to avoid creating unnecessary scratches.

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