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DIY Repairs Tips and Tools

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs help car owners save money. According to an article on, basic tools, knowledge on car parts and basic repairs can help people solve common car problems, including those that are caused by an  (auto accident). The article offers a few tips on basic repairs, auto body work and lists the necessary tools to do to them.

Tools Needed for DIY Repairs

Tools are necessary when performing DIY repairs. The set of basic tools that a beginner must have are a pair of channel locks, pliers, a few wrenches and screwdrivers. A jack, penetrating oil and safety gear must also be included. There are DIY repair projects that require  special tools, which can be bought at a parts store.

Getting a good manual for car repairs also helps in performing DIY repairs. A manual for car repairs should be able to give an understanding of the different car parts and their location. It should also be able to provide special functions and methods to use in car repairs. Generic tips may not work for all cars because of the difference in make or model.

Another consideration is getting used car parts for repair. Used or pre-owned car parts can replace damaged parts, but there is a chance that they do not work.

DIY Car Repairs for Emergency Situations

Knowing basic car DIY repairs like jump-starting a dead battery saves people the trouble of having to call a tow truck. Fixing a dead battery can be tricky on newer cars, however.Familiarization with the procedures before it even happens can help in doing a DIY repair on a car with a dead battery. When experiencing the battery problem on the road, it is important to call a family or friend to tow the car to save money. Tow straps are important when choosing to call a friendor family member to tow a carinstead of a tow truck service. Knowing how to use the straps preventdamaging both cars and keeping people safe while the car is being towed away.

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