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Insurance Claims May Increase Insurance Monthly Bill

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Car owners can only do so much to protect the glass parts of their car. There comes a time that factors like debris and wear and tear can damage glass parts. An auto collision event can also damage the glass parts to a point that major repair or even replacement at a (collision center) is necessary.

When there is a need to take a car at a glass and (body shop) center because of a glass parts problem, the insurance company may be able to help in the situation. However, according to an article on, making a claim for an auto glass repair or replacementjob may affect the insurance rate.

How Filing a Claim Affects the Insurance Rate

Filing an insurance claim for an (auto accident) repair job may cause the insurance rate to increase. While making only one insurance claim does not necessarily create a rate spike, the more insurance claims a policy holder makes, the greater the likelihood of the policy holder getting an increased monthly bill.

When a policy holder who is making an insurance claim is at fault, there is a likelihood that the insurance rate will increase even if it is the first time for the policy holder to make a claim. It is because the insurance company may already decide that there is a greater monetary risk for the company. And, according to the article, insurance can be compared to a credit score. So, just as a low credit score results in a high loan interest rate, a track record of irresponsibility earns a policy holder a higher insurance bill.

Discussing Options With an Agent

To know whether making a particular auto glass repair claim increases the future insurance rate, it is recommended to policy holders to talk to their insurance agent. The agent should know the immediate and future consequences of an auto glass claim to the monthly bill.