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Does Your Car Need a Diagnostic Repair Scan?

So you have been in a car crash, gotten an estimate, picked your all-time favorite collision repair center, and you are waiting to get your vehicle back! Your regular auto repair shop, Miracle Body and Paint, has told you about a procedure known as a pre and post collision diagnostic repair scan, but you’re not sure it is essential.

So, what should you understand to make a wise decision?

A Diagnostic Scan Checks for Errors in Your Vehicle’s Computer Systems

A diagnostic scan checks every computer system, sensors, and all automatic features in the vehicle to ensure that they’re functioning correctly. Today’s vehicles are so sophisticated that they possess hundreds of computer systems working in tandem to facilitate functions such as lane departure warnings, cruise control, and rear backup cameras.

Virtually All Vehicles Produced After 1996 Can Get A Scan.

The mid-90s came with the first vehicle loaded with computer systems that didn’t prompt dashboard warning lights. The computers in vehicles today are basically more than the number of dashboard warning lights and there’s no space to include so many warning lights in the vehicle.

Your Insurance Company May Not Want To Pay.

Vehicle manufacturers and insurers are in disagreement regarding the necessity of diagnostic repair scans. Lots of equipment manufacturers (OEMs), have supported diagnostic scans, stating they are necessary after a collision to guarantee passenger safety.

 Insurance firms want more transparency and additional specific guidelines to ensure they aren’t paying for unnecessary scans.

Auto Manufacturers Offer Repair Guidelines for Every Vehicle

Every car manufacturer (OEM) provides repair guidelines for all makes and models of all cars they manufacture.

Your auto repair center must always stick to the OEM repair guidelines. If the guidelines necessitate a diagnostic scan, it is crucial for your wellbeing. In the event you have any questions concerning diagnostic scans, don’t hesitate to ask your favorite auto repair shop, Miracle Body and Paint, or your insurer!

What Can You Do About Diagnostic Scans?

If your insurer is reluctant to pay for a diagnostic scan although your auto repair expert emphasizes its importance, give your insurance company a call. For all your auto repair procedures, you can depend on Miracle Body and Paint. We are the most accomplished auto collision repair center around and we are just a phone call away.