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Dashboard Warning Lights That You Shouldn’t Ignore: PART 1
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Dashboard Warning Lights That You Shouldn’t Ignore: PART 2

Modern-era vehicles have lots of bells and whistles. If you usually drive an older vehicle, chances are high that the new warning lights will perplex you. While there are new and sophisticated warning lights courtesy of new technological advancements, many have not changed over time.

Your favorite auto repair shop, Miracle Body and Paint is here to warn you that giving a blind eye to these warning lights, placed there to alert you in case there’s a problem, can wreak devastation to your vehicle or loss of life.

Tire Pressure Light

In case the tire pressure light lights up, a single or more than one tire may be extremely high (or low) in pressure. Maybe you picked up a nail someplace, which is simple and cheap to fix.

Or maybe your tire’s pressure sensors are not working well. Even when the tire pressure warning light is off, you are advised to always monitor the tire pressure.

Battery Light

In the event the battery light comes on, it implies that the alternator has failed to charge the battery satisfactorily. Though you might still drive the car, it certainly will not go for very long. Keeping the car running with an inadequate charge will without doubt discharge the vehicle’s battery, leading to stalling and ultimately no juice to restart the car.

Temperature or Thermometer Light

The temperature or thermometer light is an indication that the next move you make should involve pulling over and turning off the engine. In case the temperature warning light is lit, the engine has probably overheated and severe damage is just around the corner.

 The issue could range from leaking cooling fluid, a stuck thermostat, excessive oil in the engine, or a poorly functioning temperature sensor. Proceeding to drive a car with an overheating engine can seriously damage your vehicle, devastation that might cost you money for repairs equal to the price of a new car!

Oil Light

After the oil warning light lights up, underestimating the matter is the last thing you should do. It implies that your vehicle’s engine oil level is low; the oil pump has failed in circulating oil appropriately at the optimal pressures. In either scenario, the probable results would be engine damage, meaning that the auto repair experts at Miracle Body and Paint should inspect your car to establish what the problem is.

Anytime a dashboard warning light pops up, don’t ignore it. Get in touch with us immediately and we will make things right!