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Don’t be vulnerable after an auto accident part 3 – You can talk directly to the owner

This post is part 3 in our 5 week series that will cover reasons why you should get an estimate done by an independent shop like Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas before you agree to have anyone repair your vehicle.

You can talk directly to the owner

Independent doesn’t mean small. Miracle Body and Paint is actually a fairly large operation, but it is not so large that the owner, Manuel Rubio, is out of touch. At independent shops, which don’t rely on the insurance companies for business, it is important that the customer is satisfied with their auto repairs after an auto accident. Independent auto body shops rely on happy customers to refer their friends if they are ever in need of paint and body repair. At Miracle Body and Paint, Manuel knows that there are literally hundreds of collision repair centers in San Antonio, and that each one claims they are great. This is why he is on site everyday making sure that each vehicle his shop repairs meets his strict standards for quality, and he always makes time to speak with any customers that would like to speak with him.

But it does not stop at the owner. Because Manuel personally makes every hiring decision, he can be very selective and higher the best technicians and auto body repair man in the city. That is because he is not a manager that needs to worry about filling a position on an organization chart for some other manager in another state.  He is personally trying to maintain a reputation in San Antonio, the reputation of the paint and body shop he owns. With an A+ rating with the BBB you can trust that Manuel and his team truly are the best team to turn to when you have an auto accident and need your car or truck repaired.  The best part is, we pass discounts directly to you. We discount deductibles by as much as 15% and work to make sure you don’t have to bring your vehicle back once we send it home.