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Don’t Fall For These Auto Body Repair Traps

Car owners often develop their own beliefs and ideas when it comes to saving money on an auto body repair. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will describe two types of people who think they are able to save money on their auto repair but are actually losing more money in the end, or worse, being left to suffer a bad auto repair job.

People who fall for the low ball auto body repair estimate

Some auto repair shops give a low estimate just so they can lure you into their shop. Once you give them your car, they will keep on finding things that are wrong with it – then they will add more and more to your bill. Though additional damage is not uncommon once the damaged part is removed, experienced shops like Miracle Body and Paint can already anticipate unseen damage and have already included it in the estimate.

People who go for low rate shops

People are often tempted to go for a shop that claims they have low prices. A wiser move is to find out how good the product is first and if they provide warranty. A lot of price shops just use inferior paint that already fades 2 or 3 years under the harsh Texas sun. If you are unfortunate to have received an inferior paint job, you may have noticed that the repair parts look lighter than the rest of the vehicle. Not only will it make your car looking bad, it will also give your car a lower resell value.

These are just two types of people who end up regretting their choice of shop, so choose Miracle Body and Paint for your auto repair needs. We make sure to use only the best paint in the market. Not only that, we do not hesitate to give a lifetime guarantee on all of our repair work. If ever you find yourself involved in an auto accident in San Antonio or its surrounding areas, go check out Miracle Body and Paint and let us show you how we can save you money.