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Driver Behaviors That Can Lead to Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen because of a number of reasons. An article on states that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found out that the main causes of auto accidents include driver behavior.

The article also states that 94 percent of car accidents are caused by drivers, while vehicle, environmental and unknown factors only account for two percent each.

How Drivers Cause Car Accidents

Driver behavior-related car accidents are the most common cause of car accidents. When a driver make mistakes on the road, it can lead to an auto collision. The NHTSA lists five mistakes of drivers that are likely to result in a car accident.

Mistake #1:  Recognition Problems

Distractions inside and outside of a car is one example of recognition mistakes. Others are lack of attention and failure to keep a proper lookout. 40 percent of behavior-related car accidents are caused by recognition mistakes.

Mistake #2: Decision Problems

One third of all car accidents that are caused by mistakes made by drivers happen because of decision problems. The category includes problems like driving recklessly, tailgating, speeding and making a mistake in determining the speed of other cars.

Failure to correctly assess the space for completing an action like passing another vehicle is also included in the category of decision problems. Car accidents usually require the expertise of a (collision center) to address (auto body repair) concerns.

Mistake #3: Driver Performance-Related Problems

Overreaction of drivers can result in a driver’s inability to keep the car in control and in the right direction or in the driver steering too sharply. The mistakes cause over 10 percent of auto accidents.

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Mistake #4: Other Errors Not Caused By Driver Performance

Most of the errors in the category are caused by a driver falling asleep while on the wheel. The category causes seven percent of all driver-associated causes.

Mistake #5: Unspecified Reasons

There are car accidents that happen for unknown or unspecified reasons. Unspecified reasons accounts for eight percent of driver-caused accidents.

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