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Car Accident Injuries That Don’t Always Appear Immediately

Rear View Of Female Motorist With Head Injury Getting Out Of Car After Crash

Injuries that are caused by a car accident do not always manifest instantly. So, it is important to schedule an appointment with a doctor if an accident resulted in bodily harm. According to the article on, car accidents significantly contribute to the amount of injuries per year.

In addition, the article states that in a typical year car accidents injure or disable approximately 2.35 million people based on the study conducted by the Association for Safe International Road.

The article also lists five physical injuries that people suffer after getting in a car accident.

Severe Neck and Back Strains

Neck and back strains that are generally known as ‘whiplash’ is much worse if a car accident causes them to happen. Having a neck and back injury because of a car accident may also mean having a herniated disc, a condition in which the tissue between the vertebrae of the spine ruptures or balloons out.

A herniated disc results in very severe pain, loss of control of muscles in the arms or legs and loss of feeling. They happen because of inflammation of the nerves and the pressure on nerves coming out of the spine that are brought about by a herniated disc.

The symptoms of a herniated disc can occur instantly or within weeks to months following a car accident.

Knee Injuries

When an occupant of a car is thrown forward during an auto collision, there is a chance that their knees will hit the dashboard and become damaged. A direct trauma to the knees can cause many injuries, including a shattered patella or knee cap.

Damage in the cartilage of the knee in either patellar chrondromalacia or torn meniscus. The injuries can also happen when a knee is forcefully compressed as a result of jamming on the brakes so hard to keep a car accident from happening.

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Shoulder Injuries

In an auto collision, the shoulder that is not wrapped by the shoulder belt usually gets much of the force of the impact. It can also cause a twisting motion to the body. Injuries like deep bruising, shoulder strains and torn shoulder ligaments can be caused by the force of the impact.

Psychological Injuries

A phobia can develop because of a car accident. People who have been involved in an accident can start having an unusual fear of being in a car or driving it. A severe case of phobia can prevent a person from using any mode of transport.

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