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Driving Don’ts from Miracle Body and Paint

Miracle Body and Paint lists the causes of the most common road accidents. Make sure not to do the following in order to avoid auto accidents and auto collisions.

  • Using cell phones while driving – this is more than just texting. Texting, calling and other phone activities creates distraction that may lead to an auto accident.
  • Using navigation while driving – you increase your chances of getting involved in an auto accident simply by diverting your eyes from the road. A better approach is to familiarise yourself first with the software before driving. Utilizing verbal prompts is also a good thing to do so you don’t have to glance on the screen constantly.
  • Manipulating car controls while driving – tweaking even the latest safety feature of your car can lead to an unexpected auto accident. Make sure you do all those buttons and knobs before going for a ride so you can focus on driving safely and smoothly. Scrambling to locate hazard lights when you encounter a flat tire or manipulating windshield wipers on a hail storm can put you and your passengers in more danger than you expected.
  • Road Rage- breathe deeply and slowly whenever you start feeling impatient. Doing offensive hand gestures and saying rude comments will only aggravate the situation and can lead you to more dangerous situations.
  • Putting on make up while driving – you may not consider putting on lip gloss as a road hazard, but truth is it can lead to an unexpected auto accident. Before racing down the freeway, finish all your beautification and preparations.
  • Driving when feeling tired – if you’re feeling sleepy, it is always safe to pull over and take a nap rather than braving the road.
  • Being unaware of your car’s limitation – if you are not sure if your car can handle a certain type of terrain or weather condition, better avoid it or stall until you find out the answer. Ignorance is not a reason and can even cost you your life.

Filing cases are expensive, injuries are deadly or can last a lifetime – all of which can ruin you and your passengers’ lived. It is best to practice safety than be sorry in the end.