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Easy Gas Saving Tips by Miracle Body and Paint

Are you always worried about gas prices? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio gives you some easy ways to save money when filling up your engine.

Look for cheaper gas:

  • You can go to outlying suburbs since the gas prices are less expensive there as compared to the metro areas.
  • Avoid filling up at high-scale neighbourhoods since they charge a premium fee.
  • Did you know that gas stations near major freeways are more expensive? Drive a few blocks away to find a cheaper station.
  • Wholesale clubs and grocery stores tend to sell fuel close to cost or at a loss. They do this mainly to drive people do additional purchases in store.

Drive smarter:

  • Avoid accelerating or braking hard to save on gas. Optimal fuel economy is reached at around 55mph.
  • Try maintaining a constant speed over longer distances. Make use of cruise control in order to save gas.
  • Don’t idle. It’s better to shut off your car after a minute since restarting uses less fuel.
  • If possible, limit the use of A/C. Limiting A/C time can lower fuel consumption up to 20%.
  • Make it a habit to keep car windows closed to limit drag. Dragging can use up to 10% more fuel.

Follow a regular maintenance schedule:

  • Always keep tires properly inflated. Deflated tires even by 2 PSI increases fuel use by 1%.
  • Have your car regularly checked. Make sure to clean air filters, replace old spark plugs and check fluid levels. You can go to Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas to have your car thoroughly checked by a professional.

Use coupons and discounts:

  • Look for coupons in malls, grocery store receipts and even on the internet.
  • Some car wash services give fuel discount.
  • Apply for a gas rebate card for points and other freebies.

Make sure to visit Miracle Body and Paint if you are living in San Antonio Texas or surrounding counties if you are in need of any auto body repair service. We have employed only finest repair technicians in the industry, building a reputation for quality and service that has spanned over 20 years.