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Effects of Poor Quality Auto Repair

Auto body repair is necessary especially after an auto accident or collision. Truth is, you will never know when an auto accident will happen, but one thing’s for sure: you need to get auto repair service after that episode. Every car owner knows that the value of a car after an auto collision depends highly on the quality of auto repair work done on it. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down the effects of having a poor quality auto repair service to you and your vehicle:

  • Poor auto repair service affects a car’s cosmetic value- If you are planning to sell your car, remember that its exterior has a value. The person who wants to buy your car will definitely pay less when he notices an ugly exterior body work. The auto repair needs to be unrecognizable that no one will notice that it has been repaired. This type of seamless construction delivered by a good auto body repair shop like Miracle Body and Paint will maintains your vehicle’s resell value.
  • Poor auto repair service decreases structural integrity- if a car is repaired poorly, it will greatly affect your car’s structure and performance. Even if the buyer did not notice any problem at first, the test drive will always reveal those hidden problems. It will cause more problems for you if they discover that you failed to disclose the problem before purchase.
  • Poor auto repair work decreases aerodynamic efficiency – All cars are designed to be aerodynamic, with parts such as engine, transmission and wheels working together to achieve that. A poor auto repair service can make a car less efficient, and this may show during a test drive.
  • Poor auto repair service may use cheap parts – cheap parts will always serve as red flags to possible buyers.

You should always aim to get good auto body repair work. If you are living in San Antonio Texas or surrounding counties, call or visit Miracle Body and Paint for high quality  auto repair service. Discover why we are the number 1 auto repair shop in this side of the world.