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Everyday Things That Can Cause Damage To Your Vehicles Paint

Paint Damage

It is not easy to maintain a perfect paint job. It’s not the major things that cause damage to your car’s paintwork, but the small ones that occur almost every day. Miracle Body and Paint, San Antonio’s favorite auto collision center, has provided some insight into the possible damage to your car’s paint.

Dripping Oil
People love to get the most for their gas money when they fill up their tanks. Filling your tank to the top can cause the gas to leak and damage the paintwork. If the gas spilled onto the paint isn’t cleaned up immediately, it can cause damage to the outer coating of the paint and eventually, the paint will lose its sparkle. This could leave a permanent stain on your car’s body.

Road Construction
Roads that are still under construction will be more likely to be used. The downside to roads that are under construction is the narrowness of the roads. This increases the likelihood of your vehicle being scratched and causing damage to the paintwork. Additionally, rocks and loose chips can cause paint damage as you drive along the roads. Even worse, tar can stick on the bodywork, and it will take a lot of professional work to remove it.

Generic Auto Cleaners
It is possible for your paintwork to be damaged if you use non-auto cleaning products or generic substances. Do not wash your car with household cleaners or generic cleaning products. Use only safe and tested auto cleaning products.

Direct Sunlight
You should stop parking your car in direct sunlight for long periods of time every day if you’re accustomed to doing so. Exposure to direct sunlight can quickly deteriorate the paintwork’s exterior coating. You should always look for a safe parking spot or invest in a carport. These options may not be available, so make sure you look for somewhere with shade.

These are just a few of the everyday things that can damage your car’s paintwork. There are other things that can damage your car’s paintwork, such as drops from insects and birds and common drinks like coffee, soda, or tea. Miracle Body and Paint can help you if your car has been in contact with any of the above substances. We are the top auto collision center in San Antonio and have many options to make sure your paintwork is flawless.