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Everyday Things That Damage Your Car’s Paint

Maintaining the perfect paint job is easier said than done! It is not the big stuff that damages the paintwork on your car but the minor ones that happen almost daily. Your favorite auto collision center in San Antonio, Miracle Body and Paint has shed some light on some of the things that can devastate your car’s paint.

Dripping Fuel

Many people love to get their money’s worth when filling up their gas tanks. However, filling the tank up to the brim can make the gas to overflow and run down your car’s paintwork. Now, if the spilled gas is not dealt with instantly, it will saturate the paint’s outer coating and subsequently, the paint sparkle will diminish. Unfortunately, this might leave a stubborn stain on the car’s body.

Road Construction

You are likely to use roads that have some construction going on. One disadvantage of roads under construction is their narrowness, which increases the chance of your vehicle getting scratched and ruining the paintwork. In addition, loose chipping and rocks on the roads can fly and damage the paint as you drive by. Worse still, the tar can stick to the bodywork and it would take lots of professional work to get it off.

Generic Auto Cleaners

If you normally use generic substances or non-auto cleaning liquids to clean your vehicle, it is only a matter of time until your paintwork gets damaged. While washing your vehicle, give bland cleaning substances such as household cleaners a wide berth. Always stick to proven and safe auto cleaning substances.

Direct Sunlight

If you are used to parking your car in the sun for extended periods every day, you need to stop for the sake of the paintwork. The exposure to direct sunlight will ravage the exterior coating of paint within no time. Always look for a sheltered parking space or invest in a carport. If these options are unavailable, ensure that you find somewhere with a shade.

These are some of the common everyday stuff that can ruin your car’s paintwork. But there are still others such as droppings from bugs and birds, common beverages such as coffee, soda, and tea. If your car has come into contact with any of these substances and wreaked havoc to the paintwork, Miracle Body and Paint is here to the rescue. As the best auto collision center in San Antonio, we have many options on the table to ensure that your paintwork looks like a million dollars once more.