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Get Maximum Mileage This Winter Season (PART 2)

get_winter_maximum_mileage_6Miracle Auto Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas gives you some easy to follow maintenance tips that can help you gain more fuel mileage this winter season.  Last time we have discussed how important it is to have a well-maintained cooling system and tires. Today we’ll be listing down more so read on.

Clean your air filter

Most car owners neglect the air filter. Air filters suck up a lot of pollen, dirt, bits of leaves and insects throughout the year. The winter season can also add with dust and sand to the filter as well. A dirty filter requires your engine to use more fuel than it needs to. This leads to lousy performance and burn oil. Nowadays, air filters can be replaced as quickly as five minutes when you have the right hand tools.

get_winter_maximum_mileage_7Change your car’s fluids regularly

Are you sure your car’s fluids are all in tip top shape? Most drivers often neglect this aspect or push it to the very last minute when problems are already starting to creep up. If you can no longer remember the last time you had your transmission fluid, differential fluid or coolant flushed and changed, chances are it is already time to do so. Having a fresh fluids makes internal components well lubricated and protects it from internal friction which may suck the gas out faster. Having fresh fluids also reach their operating viscosity faster and more efficiently. This helps to further reduce your car’s fuel use.

get_winter_maximum_mileage_8Inspect your car’s ignition system

For an engine to properly operate, a tiny and precise spark is needed to ignite a precisely mixed blend of air and gasoline droplets. During the winter season and especially during engine start up, your car’s ignition process is put to the test. The engine needs a richer and harder-to-burn fuel mixture during this scenario. Making sure you have a fresh set of spark plugs ensures that your engine gets the best fuel mileage possible.  It also adds reliability in cold-start situations.

Be sure to check back in regularly for more auto tips and tricks from Miracle Auto Body and Paint.