Don't Believe These Fuel Economy Myths
Don’t Believe These Fuel Economy Myths
Miracle Sets The Bar High in Auto Repair Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Miracle Sets The Bar High in Auto Repair
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Getting Your Car Ready for This Road Trip Holiday (PART 1)

Getting Your Car Ready for This Road Trip Holiday Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Holiday season is here! If you’re planning a day trip or a week long vacation with your family or friends this holiday season, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas is here to help make your road trip memorable, fun and of course safe. Whether you’re headed north to ski or going to a more warmer weather for some fun in the sand, there are a few things that you should check in order to ensure a safe and easy-going trip. Making sure you do these may even save you money by keeping your car off any untimely repair.

Whether you’re going to a nearby town or a different city, it always pay to get your car  up to date with its regular maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance should include checking all fluid levels that may have been neglected over the year and replenishing them if necessary . If you can no longer remember the last time you checked, changed, or topped off your oil, coolant, brake, or transmission fluid, this is the perfect time to swap them out for a new one. Make sure you get a high-quality filter for your oil or automatic transmission.  It may seem like too much work changing all of your fluids at once, but consider it as a sort of insurance. Which do you prefer:A $30 oil change or finding yourself stranded at the side of the road this holiday?

Make sure to have your tires rotated and inspected, too. The last thing you want to happen is to head off into the sunset with a bald or dry rotted tires. Neglecting this and you might experience blowout at interstate speeds. This is a more frightening and dangerous ordeal even if you do make it to the side of the road. Choose the road of caution and replace any tires that already looks bad. Again, it may seem expensive to do all of this at the time, but Miracle Body and Paint, San Antonio guarantees it’ll be cheaper than to having your car towed to some no-name garage in the middle of the night for new set of tires.