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Go to Miracle Body and Paint for Auto Paint Precision San Antonio Texas

Changing the color of your car is a big decision. As you want it done correctly and thoroughly, you should search for a shop that has years of experience doing flawless auto paint jobs and auto accident repairs as well. The auto body repair shop Miracle Body and Paint gives you that assurance, as it has an extensive auto body and paint experience. Being the leading San Antonio body shop in San Antonio, Miracle Body and Paint takes paint jobs seriously.

Signs of a Bad Paint Job

If you choose Miracle Body and Paint, you will not get shoddy work for a car paint job as a result of inexperienced hands. Here are tell-tale signs that your car received a bad paint job.

  • Paint splatters or drippings. If the floor and walls surrounding the painted surface have drips and splatters, it is a sign that the auto body and paint shop did not use the correct “cutting in” techniques or place drop clothes.
  • Sags or runs. The most common mistake in professional painting. When there are shadows forming around and under the painted surface, it is a sign that there is poor brush or roller technique.
  • Over spray. When this happens, it means that the auto shop did not apply the paint correctly, or has not taken precautions before painting the vehicle. Painting tools and parts include the spray tip and the spray shields. Weather conditions are also a factor.
  • If the pattern or texture left behind by paint rollers is too noticeable, it is caused by using a wrong brush.
  • Improper or incomplete substrate repair. Indications of a poor exterior and interior substrate work include staining, peeling, chalking, or sheen on the painted surface.
  • Unprimed stains. Masking stains with a primer can prevent stains from bleeding through a finished coat.
  • Poor coloring. Blotching or uneven coloring occurs when color is not applied properly or when the surface was not primed. The collision center in San Antonio handles car paint jobs just as effectively.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio houses experienced staff that will do an amazing paint job on your car. It also accepts repair jobs for auto accidents.