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How Auto Body Shops Decide to Repair or Replace a part. Part 1
What Should You Do After an Auto Accident?
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How Auto Body Shops Decide to Repair or Replace a part. Part 2

Broken Car in the Auto Service on Heavy Duty Car Lift.

With nearly 400 auto accidents occurring every day in San Antonio Auto Body and Paint shops all over the city are left to decide whether a part on a car should be repaired or replaced. The insurance company has the authority to tell an auto body shop what to do. However, more often than not it is the auto body and paint shop technicians who decide what is best on a car by car basis. Β After an accident, there are four possible outcomes for your cars collision repair. Last week we discussed what happens when the entire vehicle needs to be replaced. Over the next few days, we will discuss the other two options.

The first option after deciding that the car is not to be salvaged is deciding if the part of the car that is damaged should be repaired. The first thing that is considered again is the cost to repair or replace each part. Body work is like sculpting and requires great skill and repairing a body part on a car can usually be done no matter how bad the damage is. However, the hourly rate to do a repair may be more than the part to be replaced.Β  The main goal of repairing a damaged body panel is getting the part to blend perfectly with the rest of the car so that it looks like no damage was ever sustained.

The repair process is very detailed and is broken into several steps. The metal is reshaped, touched up with a clay-like substance, sanded, painted, heated, polished and then touched up again. Because Miracle Body and Paint uses top of the line products to perfectly match and shape your repaired part, by the time you receive the vehicle you will not be able to tell where your vehicle was damaged.

Later this week we’ll discuss the two options faced when it is decided that the part must be replaced. If you are in need of a quality San Antonio auto body shop stop by Miracle Body and Paint and let us show you why so many people in San Antonio choose us as their auto body and paint shop for life. Β Let us save you money on your deductible.