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Why Insurance companies are steering accident victims
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How insurance companies force you to use certain repair shops

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False Insurance Steering Tactics

Over the years, insurance companies have become notorious for steering auto collision victims to some repair shops. Although this is illegal and against the good faith understanding, most car owners do not know what to do. Because of disorientation after an accident, it is sometimes hard to choose a repair center. Insurance companies take advantage of this to send you to a repair shop with whom they have a deal. Below are some common tactics insurance companies use to steer accident victims to certain auto body shops.


A car collision is inconveniencing, to say the least. Insurance companies know this and they use your convenience to prey on you. After an accident, the only thing going through your mind is if everybody involved is okay. Secondly, you start wondering how you will travel while your car is undergoing repairs. To make it look like they are doing you a favor, insurance companies will steer your car to XYZ shop promising to get you in a rental there. Possibly, they will make it seem like a daunting task to get a reliable shop.

Excess Cash Expense

Another common tactic among insurance companies is the threat of paying out of pocket for a variance in price quotes. An insurance company may be pushing you to a repair shop that has substandard parts at a lower cost. This is so that they may save on the claim. Instead of paying $1000 for an OEM part, they will want to pay $800 for an aftermarket part. Additionally, they might claim not to cover certain repairs unless you go to a specific shop.

Warranty Void

Another outright bogus claim. Some insurance companies will claim they do not give warranty for repairs carried out at shops other than their preferred. The short of it is insurance companies do not give warranty on repairs! The collision center does.

In the end, the fact of the matter is that no insurance company has the authority to force a repair shop on you. If you have a chosen center, you have the freedom to go for it. At miracle body and paint, we will repair your car to the best state and claim the repair costs from your insurance.