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How Much Will Collision Repair Cost Me?

For a lot of people, auto accidents and auto collisions often leads to more questions and problems. The biggest question that many people tend to ask is “how much is this accident going to cost me?” Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio answers this question.

The amount of money you need to shell out depends on your role in the accident and your insurance coverage. therefore the repair cost may vary. Regardless of these variables,  the rate a collision repair shop that it charges for parts and repairs shouldn’t change at all.

Texas and a few other states in the US sets maximum rates an auto body shop and collision repair center can charge an insurance company and/or consumer.  This should mean that almost every body shop will charge the same rate for the same quality of repair. If you encounter a shop that charges less, it means that they either skip some repairs or use lower quality parts and paint in order to lower their cost.

You may ask just how does this affect your deductible.

A collision deductible is an agreement you have with your insurance company that sets how much of the damage you are willing to pay for during an auto accident. No matter how much collision damage your car has received, you  have already agreed to pay a fixed amount. To illustrate further – if you have a $500 deductible your insurance company agrees to pay for the cost of the repair minus $500. This agreement is a good thing because if your damage is $1,000 they will pay $500 of the damage. If it is $7,000 of damage they agree to pay $6,500 of the damage. This is where Miracle’s deductible discount enters.

At Miracle Body and Paint, we give a discount on our hourly rate and on the cost of parts to you. This discount lowers the amount you pay on your deductible. A lot of insurance companies may push you to go to one of their preferred auto repair shops since they already have an agreement to pass discounts to the insurance company. Miracle Body and Paint is an independent auto collision center so you don’t have to worry. What’s more, we save you 10% on labor and 5% on parts. More savings, right? Many times you can even find yourself having your deductible cut in half or even waived.  Visit us nor so we can show you what the cost of your repair is but also show you how much you can expect to save.