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How Seat Belts Keep Us Safe in an Auto Collision

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According to theNational Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat belt use saves approximately 15,000 lives annually. The safest decision that both passengers and the driver can make is to buckle up. In most auto accidents, getting ejected from a vehicle is the leading cause of fatalities. Miracle Body and Paint is the crème-de-la-crème auto body shop in San Antonio. We value you, and we would love to see you safe in case of an auto collision.

Safety Belts 5-Way Protection

Today, modern 3-point seat belts protect the driver, plus the passengers in five diverse ways.

  1. Keeping Occupants inside the Car. We are here to debunk the myth that being thrown out of the vehicle during an auto collision is your best bet at surviving. Modern-day research has shown that people who are ejected suffer severe injuries as compared to those remaining inside. According to the NHTSA, those discharged are four times more likely to die than those who are buckled up.
  • Checks the Strongest parts of Your Body. Modern seatbelts are cutting-edge in design and are meant to restrain your body where it is most robust. Case in point is shoulders and hips in older children and adults. Keep in mind that ignoring the shoulder strap of the belt lessens the seatbelt’s safety factor.
  • During an auto collision, the forces are spread over a larger surface area. During a crash, shoulder and lap belts provide maximum restraint and reduce chances of injury by spreading the force of impact over a broader region of the body. For front-seat passengers and drivers, shoulder straps are instrumental in keeping the head from impacting the steering wheel, dashboard, or windscreen. Note that this kind of impact is a significant source of severe injury.
  • Protects The Spinal Cord and Brain. When there is emergency braking or stopping, especially after a collision, whiplash can occur. By wearing seatbelts, injury can be significantly reduced by lessening the impact and speed of the whiplash.
  • Slows Down the Body. When the vehicle is going very fast, and then it abruptly stops, this shift can lead to severe injury. By wearing a seatbelt, the duration it takes to slow down in a collision is considerably increased.

Regardless of age, wearing a seat belt is a grave matter.  Always buckle up every time, and you might end up surviving a deadly crash. Miracle Body and Paint is committed to keeping people safe while on the road. We are a distinguished auto body shop in San Antonio, and we are available for superior and professional services.