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Tips on Keeping Older Vehicles Functioning Well for Longer

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A few years back, the common practice was to keep a vehicle for a couple of years then trade it in. Today, things have changed, and that is no longer an option. Cars have become extra reliable and more expensive, meaning that owners tend to hold on to them for many years. Nevertheless, maintaining an older car is not a bed of roses. There is a myriad of challenges; thus, it is crucial to know the type of maintenance that is a priority. Miracle Body and Paint, the most accomplished auto body shop in San Antonio, has compiled a few tips for keeping older vehicles functioning for longer.

Top Up Fluids Regularly

It’s indisputable that fluids are the lifeblood of your vehicle, and failure to replenish them can spell doom for your car. At least once a fortnight, ensure that you check the engine oil. The level of lubricant should be between the maximum and minimum markers. If your car uses petrol, the oil should be a light yellow-brown color.

Always replace dark and dirty oil. Still, it is normal for diesel engines to accumulate soot from combustion, so any oil that’s dark in color shouldn’t worry you much in diesel cars. Additionally, regularly check the windscreen washer bottle and the coolant reservoir.

Check Your Tires

Tires are possibly the most crucial safety feature in your car. Therefore, it is safe to say that checking them regularly could save your life, plus lots of money. Underinflated tires will lead to massive fuel consumption.

Keep in mind that tire pressure might vary in the rear and front tires. For your safety, the least-worn tires should be on the back because the understeer is easily manageable as compared to a rear-end slide (oversteer).

Get Your Vehicle Rust-Proofed

Do you know that metal corrosion is the biggest threat of vehicles manufactured in the 1990s and before? Fortunately, modern cars are highly rust-resistant. Make sure that the chassis is professionally rust-proofed, which entails packing the cavities with a waxy substance intended to prevent water from accessing these sections.

It is advisable to have paint experts apply stone-deflecting film to the vehicle’s front to avoid damage to the paintwork. The moment you notice rust spots on the car, move with haste. Take your vehicle to a reputable auto body and paint shop to get it professionally resprayed.

Always Strive to Drive Smoothly

For the sake of your vehicle, always drive with mechanical sympathy. By doing that, you will eke out extra miles per tank and reduce wear and tear. Handle the major controls, including the pedals, gearbox, and steering wheel with care. To prevent the need to apply sudden brakes, always monitor the road well ahead.

Always Stick to the Service Schedule

You can never underestimate the importance of regular servicing to prolong the life of your vehicle. Service intervals are usually based on duration or miles driven. Check your handbook to remember when you are due for service. Nowadays, most modern cars have warning indicators on the dashboard to remind you of upcoming maintenance.

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At Miracle Body and Paint, we promise you that having an older vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t make it serve you for longer. We are an experienced auto body shop in San Antonio, and we are available for all your auto needs. Call or visit us today for superior services.