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How the Body Reacts in an Auto Collision

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Not experiencing pain after an accident which resulted in bodily harm may not always mean that the body does not have injuries. According to, the body can experience a significant amount of trauma even in a short amount of time.

And, any sign of injury may not manifest right away. So, apart from taking a car to a (collision center) for (auto body repair), getting medical attention even when there is no sign of injury is important.

What Happens to the Body After an Impact

According to the article, an auto collision can prompt the body to release a hormone called adrenaline. The hormone protects the body from trauma with a fight-or-flight response. When adrenaline is released, many self-preservation responses can occur.

The responses include increased energy, diminished or no pain, increased oxygen flow because of dilated airways and blood vessels and increased strength because of muscles taking in more blood. Another helpful response is changes in vision and hearing to focus on the sights and sounds ahead.

The body also releases endorphins at the same time it releases adrenaline. Endorphins calm the body and gives a feeling of being in control. Endorphins also help the body respond to pain and stress, so in many cases pain can be felt only after endorphins and adrenaline and wear off.

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Car Accident Injuries May Not Appear Right Away

It is possible that injuries only appear when the body is already recovering from trauma. When in a moving car, the body moves at the same rate of speed as the car.

And, during a collision, the car stops but the body continues to move until the airbag, seatbelt or another piece of protective equipment halts its movement.

The sudden change in movement often results in soft tissue damage similar to what happens with whiplash. The injury takes time to appear because stiffness, swelling and inflammation do not occur immediately.

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