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The Role of a Car Insurance Adjuster in Pursuing Car Crash Compensation

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When an insurance company is investigating a car accident, an insurance company adjuster is given the task of determining who is at fault.

The Role of an Insurance Adjuster

According to an article on, an insurance company adjuster reads the police report and then investigates evidence to come up with a reliable narrative. The goal of the adjuster is to know who caused the accident.

The adjuster may find out that both parties are at fault and then has to decide what percentage of fault each driver should receive. The percentage of fault and state laws determine whether a person involved in a car accident can pursue compensation.

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There are states that allow claimants to seek compensation even if they are partly at fault, but in some states claimants cannot. Claimants who do not agree with the decision of an insurance company can consult an auto collision attorney to challenge the decision of the company.

Determining Who is at Fault

The article also provides an explanation of how fault is assigned and how states have different laws when it comes to pursuing a car crash compensation.

According to the article, a car accident that involves property damage or bodily injury prompts a police investigation. Police officers show up at the scene to examine physical evidence and talk to drivers and any witnesses.Β 

They then create a report of what occurred and determine who holds responsibility. The police report is useful in determining liability. But, the decision to determine who is at fault, is made by the insurance company.

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Various State Liability Laws

Many states use a comparative system in determining who is at fault in a car accident. Under a comparative system, each driver receives a percentage of fault depending on how much they contributed to the car crash based on the findings of insurance company investigators.

In a car accident that involves a driver cutting another car off and immediately hitting the brakes, which results in the other driver rear-ending them, the percentage of fault is shared. The driver who cuts another car off may receive 80% of the blame, while the other receives 20%.

Other states operate under a modified comparative fault system, which is like the pure comparative fault system. However, in the modified state law, a driver is not qualified to pursue compensation if the assigned share of fault  is at certain percentage level, which is usually 50%.

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