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How To Avoid Costly Auto Repair

costly_auto_repair_1Neglecting warning signs when it comes to your car can equate to hundreds of dollars of repair cost. Before you become a victim and be required to dig deep in your wallet, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has some reminders to help you save some bucks.

When you step on the brake and the steering wheel shakes, this is more likely due to the warped front brake discs that needs to be repaired or replaced. Brake disc replacement can cost you $200-$400. You’ll be putting more stress on the tie-rod ends, front suspensions as well as the tires if you left it unattended. costly_auto_repair_2Your car’s brake performance will also be compromised and you might end up in an auto accident or auto collision. An out-of-balance front wheel is reflected through a shimmy in the stirring wheel at a moderate speed when you’re not braking. The falling off of the balance weights and wheels are common due to tire wear and damage. Rebalancing a wheel can cost $20. Ignoring this can hasten the wear of all other front end components that are more costly to repair and replace.

When your windshield wiper blades already stutter across the glass and leave streaks, it’s time for them to be replaced. New blades can cost $5 to $15 each. It’s a good idea to change them annually.Neglecting them can affect your vision that may put you in collision danger.

costly_auto_repair_4When you see a puddle of green or gold liquid beneath your car, it is probably the coolant leak. The leak may simply be because of a loose hose clamp or as complicated as a failing water pump. The exact leak may be hard to determine since the leaking coolant can trickle along the frame and engine before dripping to the ground.  You can check the coolant level in the plastic reservoir under the hood. If it is empty or low, it’s a sure sign that you need it fixed. Ignoring this can cost $300 repair and will eventually lead to an overheated and damaged engine, needing thousands of dollars for repair.