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How to Know You Got a Reputable Collision Repair Center

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Insurance companies have a list of (collision repair) shops that they recommend to people who are in need of car repair due to a collision. The list saves time and offers a hassle-free way to get a car fixed. But, there is always a choice to get a repair shop outside of the company’s network. Find out how to get the best one with tips offered by

Why Choose a Repair Shop Not on the List?

The benefits may include getting better replacement parts and guarantees. Getting better discounts is possible, too. Miracle Body and Paint auto body repair shop, for example, offers discounts on replacement parts. The discounts are very useful because they are applied to the deductibles to minimize, if not eliminate, a customer’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Choose Miracle Body and Paint for your Collision Repair and Save Money on your Deductible.
Choose Miracle Body and Paint for your Collision Repair and Save Money on your Deductible.

According to, there are a number of certifications to look for in a (collision repair) shop. The shops should be affiliated with the following:

  • AAA
  • AC-Delco
  • ASE or Automotive Service Excellence
  • Better Business Bureau
  • ICAR or Inter-Industry Conference on     Auto Collision Repair
  • NAPA Autocare
  • Parts Plus Car Care
  • PPG Certification

Car Towing Service

There are different ways to get a car to a repair shop, particularly if the car is not drivable. One way to get a towing service is to check with the insurance company if towing is inclusive of roadside assistance. Another way is to check if your AAA or other road club membership allows for free towing. Still another way is calling a towing company to provide the service. Towing can be included in the free services offered by a repair shop. Miracle Auto Body repair shop in San Antonio, Texas, for example, offers free towing and delivery.

The time it takes to get a car repaired is important when filing a claim. According to, most car insurance claims include a statute of limitations that dictate exactly how much time one can only wait before getting a car repaired, to be able to still make a claim. The length of waiting time could determine how much is the cost for repair. A damaged windshield, for example, may become more damaged the longer one has to wait before having it repaired at a (collision center). As a result, the repair cost increases and the insurance company may not pay for the expense. The situation is considered maintenance neglect, which is one of the exclusions stipulated in the agreement with the insurance company.

Free Rental Car at Miracle Body and Paint

The duration of a (collision repair) depends on the extent of damage made to the car in a collision incident. For this reason, Miracle Body and Paint (collision center) offers a free rental car after 30 days of repair has passed. Know more about the services offered by Miracle Body and Paint, the trusted repair shop in San Antonio, Texas.