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How to Find a Good Repair Shop

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Car problems are likely to happen in spite of good car maintenance. There comes a point in time that car parts and components become damaged due to wear and tear. Another reason for having car problems is (auto accidents, and even a minor car accident like a fender bender can lead to a problem that requires the expertise of a technician at a (collision center) to solve. So, it is important to find a repair shop that does the job right. The Federal Trade Commission explains on its website how to choose a good repair shop.

Choosing a Repair Shop and a Technician

When looking for a repair shop, ask family, friends and trusted people for referral. It is good to find a repair shop before needing one to prevent making a last-minute decision. To get the best deal on a car repair, shopping around by phone or online is also recommended. A repair job can also include warranty policies, so it is important to check out what repair shops have to offer. And, make sure that a repair shop must be licensed and registered.

To find out if a repair shop has a record of complaints, get information from the Attorney General’s office or a local consumer protection agency. Finally, make sure that the repair shop will honor the warranty of the car.


Certifications are indications of the technician’s knowledge and competence, and it is good if a technician has them. Certifications must be current. But, remember that certifications alone do not guarantee quality repair jobs. Furthermore, it is also important to ask a technician or a repair shop for experience in working on the car make or model similar to what is being used.

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