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How to Make Your Car Last Longer

car_care_tips2Buying a car is considered a good investment. Though it may be considered impossible to make it last forever, there are still some practical steps you can take to prolong your vehicle’s life. Taking good care of your vehicle and keeping it in tip top shape will definitely save you a lot of money in the long run. Here is San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint practical tips on how to make your vehicle last longer.

Make it a point to change your car’s oil and filter regularly

Regularly changing your car’s oil and filter is considered a must when it comes to car maintenance. Not everyone is familiar with this and keep on overlooking just how important it is to change oil. Always make sure to have your owner’s manual handy and check for more details on just how often your car’s oil needs to be changed. It is best to keep the recommended schedule as much as possible.

car_care_tips3Always check your car’s tires

Having an under inflated or even an over inflated tire could be bad to your car. Aside from that, it can eventually destroy the actual tires and even affect your gas mileage. Always check and make sure you have the right pressure on all four.

Try to visit a good auto repair shop for tune up

It is a good idea to have a reliable auto repair shop check your vehicle regularly. Other people think that just because they don’t notice anything wrong on their vehicle, they assume that there is nothing wrong with it. A qualified mechanic can accurately pinpoint any problem before they become serious which might cost you lots of money.

car_care_tips4Be alert

Make it a point to remember when the last time that you had your vehicle checked. You don’t need to spend many hours inspecting it, just a few minutes every day never hurts.

Maintain cleanliness

Always make sure to keep your car clean. Regularly washing and waxing your car can definitely increase its life span. You can do it yourself over the weekend or  go through a car wash.