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How to Survive a Car Accident, Part II
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How to Survive a Car Accident, Part I

Getting in a car accident can prove to be a very daunting experience. If lucky and still conscious after the impact, there are things to do to be able to survive the experience. An article on presents useful pieces of advice when in a car accident. This article is the first part of the two-part series about surviving a car accident.

Get Medical Treatment

Calling 911 and requesting an ambulance is the first thing to do when a car accident is serious. Remember to give the 911 operator details such as location, people involved and number of cars involved. When the emergency services arrives, do not refuse medical attention and admittance to the emergency room. A medical professional should be able to check for internal injuries.

File a Police Report

The 911 call will also result in the police arriving at the scene of the accident. The purpose is to create a report of what happened including issuing traffic citations and writing down statements from other witnesses. If filing a police report is not possible at the scene, going to the local police department should be done as soon as possible.

Gather Information From Other Drivers Involved

Even when other drivers involved in the accident say that there is no harm done or that they don’t have insurance, important personal details should be gathered. These details are name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, VIN number and insurance company and policy number, if available. If the driver is not the car owner, get the insurance details for the vehicle involved. Car (collision repair) experts like Miracle Body and Paint (collision center) can help you with a free estimate for car repair and parts replacement.

Gather Information From Other Witnesses

Passengers and other people who are at the scene of the accident are all potential witnesses. Urge them to give multiple phone numbers. It is also useful to write down statements from drivers and potential witnesses if certain to be not at fault. The potential witnesses could be contacted if there is a need for litigation.

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