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Things to Do After Filing an Insurance Claim

It is always possible to face many challenges after surviving a car crash. Costly (collision repair) jobs, medical treatments and insurance claims are just a few challenges to overcome after a car accident. Some may think that dealing with a car accident stops after filing of insurance claims. Unfortunately, it is not the end. The article offers a guide on how to go through the entire insurance claims process, as discussed on

Contacting a Car Repair Shop

Filing a car accident insurance claim can be done online in a few minutes. After doing it the next step is to get an assessment of the damages to the car. Like filing an insurance claim, getting a car check for extent of damage can also be done online. Auto (collision center)s like Miracle Body and Paint offers an online service that allows people to take pictures of their car and submitting it to the company’s website for free assessment of damage and cost estimate of repair jobs.

Getting a Rental Car

Car rental can be a necessary cost while the damaged car is still in a repair shop. Insurance companies like Liberty Mutual offer a car rental service that comes with customer support and discounted rates. There are also rental companies that offer the same service. A damaged car could still be in a repair shop after 30 days have passed. To allow people to still have a car to use after a month, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas, offers a free rental car after 30 days that a car is still being fixed in its shop. The car (collision repair) shop also offers deductible discounts on both repair and part replacement.

On Choosing a Repair Shop

Insurance companies have a list of car repair shops to recommend to insurance policy holders. And, choosing one from the list has its advantages, Liberty Mutual, for example, offers 100% guarantee to car owners who choose a repair shop within Liberty Mutual’s network. However, choosing a repair shop outside the network has its benefits. Miracle Body and Paint (collision center) offers a way for insurance policy holders to not reach the limit of their coverages on repair jobs. Furthermore, the company’s discount program, which involves giving 10% on repairs and 5% on parts replacement, is applied to the policy holder’s deductible. It allows for people to save money on out-of-pocket expenses.

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