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How to Take Care of Your Car’s Body Paint (PART 1)
How You May Be Ruining Your Car’s Paint Finish
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How to Take Care of Your Car’s Body Paint (PART 2)

auto_body_paint_7We allocate our car budget for fuel, car accessories or any other repairs, but the truth is we can avoid some unnecessary expenses just by cleaning and properly treating the car. Foregoing this important aspect can mean thousands of dollars spent on fixing the problem. It’s true that appearance counts a lot when it comes to selling any vehicle. The only way to keep your car’s value is to properly taking care and maintaining it.

Car rust is inevitable, but will develop faster if there is no regular maintenance followed such as washing and waxing. Salt coming from the ocean, snow melting and even bird droppings should be treated to avoid rust. Even your car’s under-chassis should be taken care of especially for people who live in humid areas. Here is the second blog installment of San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint on how to take care of your car’s body paint.

auto_body_paint_8Opt for a rust-proofing agent

A rust-proofing agent is helpful for those living in humid areas or if your car is regularly subjected in areas where salt is used during winter months. Making sure your car is rust-proof can prevent the build up of rust which can eventually lead to corrosion.

Professional advice is important

Ask for professional advise when planning to apply paint to small dents or scratches

Aside from making your ride ugly, dents and scratches can speed up corrosion if not treated immediately. If you plan to repair it yourself, make sure to check with your car dealer or manufacturer for the exact color of your vehicle. It will be much better if you look for a dependable auto body and repair shop. This is to keep you from further damaging your car and spending much more money than what is needed. Auto body and paint repair shops like Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio with a lot of referrals is a good choice. If you still plan to apply the paint yourself, make sure your car is clean and free from any debris first since dirt and moisture can lessen the paint effectiveness.