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How You May Be Ruining Your Car’s Paint Finish

car_paint_finish_1Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas presents you possible habits you might not have been aware of that can actually ruin your vehicle’s paint finish.

  1. You park under trees. Sap and bird droppings can ruin your car and can destroy your car’s paint job faster.
  2. You brave road repairs. If possible, avoid going through road repairs or road construction sites by choosing an alternative route. Road tar, small rocks and pebbles as you drive across repairs could chip your car’s paint job.
  3. car_paint_finish_2You live in a place where there is constant rain or snow. Subjecting your car under constant rain or snow will deteriorate it faster. It is a good idea to give it a break once in a while and park it in a garage to help slow the natural rusting process.
  4. Haphazardly using household items on your car. Some household items have the tendency to ruin your car’s paint job. Shaving creams or shoe polishes can permanently discolour the paint. Mistakenly pouring brake fluid can also cause discoloration so be extra careful when using it.
  5. car_paint_finish_3Missing out on a good car wash. Cars that are left to accumulate dust and dirt are bad on your vehicle’s paint job. Leaving it for too long can actually corrode the paint and will somehow make it harder to remove.
  6. Not steering clear of fires. Soot from a fire can result to extensive damage since it produces alkali.
  7. You fill your gas up to the brim. Gas can stain your paint if it is left long enough. It can actually leave a mark that is hard to remove, so best to avoid going overboard.
  8. Leaving a coffee cup on your car’s roof. It’s not uncommon to make that mad dash to work and forgetting about that cup of coffee you have left there. The coffee acid can in fact work its way through the paint that will eventually lead to corrosion.
  9. Parking near automatic sprinklers. Even plain water has mineral content that can bond to your car’s paint and do damage.