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How Winter Damages Your Car

How Winter Damages Your Car miracle body and paint san antonio texas

Miracle Body and Pain in San Antonio, Texas has discussed a lot of practical and easy-to-follow tips that can help you get your car ready for winter. Now that we’re halfway through the cold season, we’ll be discussing just how this cold winter weather is damaging our car. When you have the right information, you’ll have an even better idea on what you should do to avoid collisions and other auto accidents:

  • How winter affects car fluids – when temperature drops, your car’s fluid may thicken. Because of this, you should always check all your car fluids right before winter arrives. If you haven’t done this, today is the right time to have it checked. You may also need to constantly keep an eye on these fluids now as there may come a time that you may need address one or more. Β Make sure to include oil, power steering, antifreeze, transmission and brake fluid. If you’re unsure how to do it, don’t hesitate to visit Miracle Body and Paint.
  • Cold weather can kill batteries – The best approach into have your battery tested right before winter arrive. Even if it doesn’t guarantee anything, taking this preventive step will likely improve the your battery’s chances of surviving. To further protect your batteries further, alway keep your vehicle parked indoors this winter.
  • Winter can lower your tire pressure – the cold winter weather can definitely loosen your tire’s pressure. Not only does it affect your car’s road performance, tires with low tire pressure can also damage your tires. Make sure to have your tire pressure checked weekly this season.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us if you’re concerned about one or more of the problems listed above. Let us help you put your mind at ease this winter season! For any other auto body repair needs, just contact Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio.