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How Winter Damages Your Car
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Winter Fuel Economy Tips

Winter Fuel Economy Tips Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

The cold winter season can damage a car in many different ways. Not only that, the cold weather can also harm fuel economy. Make sure to stop money going out of your pocket by following these easy tips from Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas:

  1. Look for a warmer place to park your car. This is the perfect time to use your garage if you have it. If you don’t have a garage at home, ask a relative for a favour or try looking for an indoor parking facility.
  2. Car pool if you can. By combining trips, you can drive your cold engine less often and subsequently increase your fuel economy.
  3. Avoid idling your car when warming it up. You can do this for 30 to 60 seconds, but going beyond that time frame can already take a toll on your gas mileage.
  4. Have your tire pressure checked. Fuel economy is reduced if you have the wrong tire pressure. Not only that, tires with either low or high pressure is considered unsafe especially when driving in snow or ice.
  5. Avoid using defrosters and seat warmers more than you have to.Not a lot of people are aware that these features can take a toll on any car’s fuel economy.

These are just a few tips on how you can improve your fuel economy during the winter season. You may be surprised at just how much you can save in the long run just by following these easy steps. We are just halfway through our winter season, how is your car holding up?  Make sure to have your car checked at Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas to make sure everything is running smoothly.