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Auto Body Paint and Car Maintenance Basics (Part 1)
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Importance of Car Maintenance — A Collision Centers Advice

Performing routine car maintenance is beneficial to a car owner. One benefit is to prevent car accidents. But, apart from reducing the risk of car accidents, making sure a car is in good condition offers many other benefits, according to

Improves Car Performance and Avoid Expensive Repair Jobs

The components inside a car are prone to wear and tear. And, damaged components can eventually affect the performance of a car. Car maintenance involves repair or replacement of components to ensure that a car functions in optimal levels. Although small repair jobs cost something, they may help you save money on major repairs with parts replacement in the long run. There are instances that repair jobs that cost more than 50% of the cost to purchase a new vehicle, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics state in

Minimizes Roadside Emergencies

Flat tires and overheating engines are only a few things that will make people pull over to the roadside as fast as they can. It is lucky if the situation is as easy as changing a tire but it could be much worse. To avoid calling for roadside assistance because of a car breaking down, there is a need to perform routine car maintenance. Miracle Body and Paint, an auto body shop in San Antonio, Texas, offers complete car maintenance to make keep cars in good condition.

Increases Resale Value

A car in excellent condition can be sold at a higher price than a car that has not been maintained. Potential buyers these days are now meticulous when it comes to inspecting used cars. They want to see maintenance records performed on the car. If a car for sale has been maintained well, selling it becomes easier. Increase the resale value of a car with Miracle Body and Paint, the auto body repair and collision center in San Antonio, Texas.

Contributes to Cleaner Environment

According to, people can still help in the efforts to save the environment even if their cars do not run on fossil fuel. Engine oils becoming burnt is harmful to the environment, so a car maintenance job that solves that issue also contributes to a cleaner environment. Another car issue that harms the environment is leakage from various pipes of a car. A routine maintenance fixes that problem. Help save the environment with a car routine maintenance at Miracle Body and Paint, the trusted auto body shop and collision center in San Antonio.