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Important Questions to Ask Your Auto Body Repair Shop

Tere may be a lot of questions hanging in your head when it comes to choosing the right auto body repair shop. We all know that it can be quite hard to look for an auto collision shop that you can trust. You don’t want to put it off for too long since your car requires to be quickly repaired. Miracle Body and Paint lists down some questions you can ask the auto body shop to help you determine if it is the right fit for you.

You can consider asking these questions when considering an auto body repair shop:

  • What are the types of service they don’t offer? This will give you a glimpse on their capabilities as well as their limitations.
  • Do they have availability? Aim for an auto body repair shop that can commit their best technicians for you. Choosing a busy collision center may be tempting but you might be getting less than what you deserve if you go with them.
  • What are the rates and how do they fare if compared to other auto body shops? Be careful, going for a cheap service is not always the wisest thing to do as you may be getting subpar parts and low quality repair.
  • Do they offer discounts? Miracle Body and Paint gives deductible discounts directly to clients.
  • How long will it take for the repair to finish?

These are just some of the questions that you can ask the auto repair shop. Asking questions can help you decide and pick the best auto body shop. Use these questions to guide you on the right path in making the best decision. If you don’t ask questions, you will surely struggle in making progress. Remember that there is no stupid question. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas knows how we can help our clients. With our 27 years in the business, we have dealt with so many client problems. If you have any questions about auto repair or any of our services offered, don’t hesitate to call us. Discover why we are the number 1 auto repair service in San Antonio Texas.