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Is It Time For A Change Oil?

change_oil2Changing your vehicle’s oil is considered as one of the most basic auto maintenance procedures. Making sure the oil is changed regularly is an important factor when it comes to your vehicle’s overall road performance. Not keeping a regular oil change schedule can actually bring harm to your engine and if it is delayed longer, it could eventually bring serious and not to mention very expensive auto repairs. Bringing your car to a good auto body shop is a must when you want the oil change to be performed correctly and efficiently. Some drivers are not aware when it is time to take their vehicle to a reputable auto body shop. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down just some of the signs that will tell you it’s time for an oil change.

change_oil3Your car makes loud engine noises

Your engine will tell you if it badly needs to change oil. One sign is uncommon noises coming from your engine. It usually starts to be loud when your car is not moving, then the noise will be noticeable when you are driving. Oil works as lubrication, but when it is old and grainy it can build up and lessen. This means your car engine is working harder to perform.

change_oil4Your engine looks gritty and black

When you notice that your engine starts to look black, gritty and grainy, then it’s probably time for an oil change. Clean oil flows better through the engine and lubricates the pistons so they can work smoothly. Oil ages and wears down. If this happens, the oil gets bits of particles and then burns off resulting to pistons working harder than it’s supposed to be.

Your check engine light is on

Some newer car models already have its own oil light that indicated when your car is due for an oil change. Older models on the other hand can make use of the check engine light. Though it may mean a variety of issues, it may still give you an opportunity to think about the last time you had your oil changed.