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Have A Safe and Comfortable Drive With Your Pet

pet_safe_drive_1Pets love going on road trips, more so when they are allowed to stick their heads out the window and feel the wind. To make the ride more convenient, comfortable and safer for you and your pet, here are some useful tips you can follow from Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas.

If you have dogs:

It is a good idea to use a crate especially if your dog is highly energetic. Crating your dog can ensure his safety. It can also minimize distraction to the driver. Don’t forget to keep a small bowl of water inside the crate to keep your dog hydrated along the way.

pet_safe_drive_2If your dog is calm enough lying down in the back seat, place a dog blanket to lessen the dirt and dog hair. It will also protect your car seat from water spillage when you place a small bowl of water there for drinking.

If you have cats:

Majority of cats prefer being crated while inside the car. Like with the dogs, this will keep them safe and provide fewer distractions for the driver. Never forget to provide means of hydration inside the crate.

pet_safe_drive_3If you have birds or exotic animals:

Make use of a cage that can restrain your animal and keep them from jostling around the vehicle.

Regardless of the type of pet you own, make sure to have a travel kit handy for your pets. The kit includes a sturdy leash, enough food, clean water, warm blanket, chew toys and of course a small first aid kit. Never forget to provide your pets with food, water and give them time to have some potty breaks. A lot of major freeways have rest areas that include pet bathrooms. They can use the space to stretch their legs and burn extra energy; just don’t forget to put them in a leash for them not to wander off. Better park your car in a shady spot to keep your pets cool. Remember that a car can get as hot as an oven so never leave them inside for over 2 minutes.