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Keep Your Car Safe and Secure (PART 2)

keep_car_safe_secure_6Miracle Auto Body and Paint brings you the second blog installment on how to improve your car’s security. With the increasing reports on car robbery and crimes, here’s how you can be a step ahead and make sure your car is safe from thieves.

Choose a locked and alarmed parking garage

Use your garage if you have one. A locked parking garage is much harder to break into. Even if a thief manages to break in, the installed burglar alarm can instantly scare him off.

keep_car_safe_secure_7Keep car keys in a safe place

Make sure to hide your car keys in a safe location. Thieves tend to look into common spots like the cupboard or dresser and they even use fishing rods through the letter box. In fact, stealing a car with its keys is considered a growing source of vehicle theft.

Choose a well-lit parking area

Make sure you park your car in a highly visible, well-lit area if you don’t have a garage of your own. Parking your car in a spot visible by other houses can put thieves off and might even make them leave. Even if they decide to break-in, the noise will wake or disturb someone who can witness the robbery.

Secure your plate number

An extra step you can do is to secure your plate number. It’s very easy for an opportunist to undo the plastic screws on your front and rear plates and use it to commit a crime.

keep_car_safe_secure_8Be wary of suspicious vehicles

Keep an eye out for suspicious looking vehicles loitering around, these could be thieves looking for a car to steal.

Use indelibly mark parts

There are special invisible, indelible markers that you can use to mark certain parts of your car. If your car gets stolen, you can easily identify and give a description to the police to make it easier for them to identify your car.

Opt for higher trim levels

Some entry-level cars are not fitted with an alarm system, so when buying a new car you can specify for a higher grade that includes an alarm system.