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Let Miracle Body and Paint Help With Auto Repairs Caused by Mother Nature

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas knows that it’s not just auto accidents and collision repair you need to look out and be prepared for. Mother Nature’s elements can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. You may think that the damage is too small now but it can actually lead to major repairs later on. Here are just some examples of how Mother Nature affects cars and trucks, and if left untreated could mean thousands of dollars in repair.


San Antonio gets its fair share of hail storms yearly. It is common for cars and truck to get damaged during this time. If your car has sustained hail damage and you have car insurance, make sure you get and estimate as soon as possible. Hail damage significantly lowers a car’s value. By the time you get a new car, you’ll be regretting not having your old car repaired early on.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings actually causes more damage to cars and trucks than any other animal. Bird droppings have destructive acids that chip away your car’s paint in about 3 days. Make sure to wash your car as soon as you notice any signs of bird droppings. Once an area is damaged and exposed, its surrounding areas will be more vulnerable to discoloration which will require repair later on.


Aside from large objects such as trees and branches getting knocked over by the wind, the wind can also bring in little particles of dirt and sand which can also damage your car. These micro-sized items lead to small breaks and pits in the car’s clear coat, exposing the paint underneath. It is better to go to a professional shop to have your car checked for any unnoticeable damage.

In reality, it is not just accidents and collision repairs that auto body shops like Miracle Body and Paint handle every day. If you have any sort of damage caused by Mother Nature, do not waste time and give us a call. Do not wait for a small damage lead to thousands of dollars in repair.