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What Makes Miracle Body and Paint’s Guarantee Best Among The Rest

One thing’s true-your car’s paint is what makes your car truly yours. You never want to get a fading color after you had your vehicle repaired. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be discussing how our lifetime guarantee differs from other shops’ guarantee.

Those living in Texas know just how harsh the sun can get. The direct sunlight can cause irrevocable damage to any car’s paint. At Miracle Body and Paint, we value the integrity of your vehicle’s color. We offer the only best quality of paint and the best skilled painters. This is what makes our guarantee the best among the rest.

All paint shops offer some kind of guarantees on their work, but what makes Miracle Body and Paint different is we offer out guarantee for life. We are able to offer this because we put enough time and much effort in all of our repairs. Don’t be fooled by other shops and insurance companies that just use the word “guarantee” just so they can use you for their own gain. Our lifetime guarantee is more valuable and concrete compared to other shops because of these factors:

We don’t have a high turnover rate

Some paint shops tend to cut corners so they can finish them faster, employees are not bothered because they know they will be gone at that shop the time you notice the bad service. Miracle Body and Paint don’t do this. We hire the best technicians and value them. We take pride of our work environment and treat all employees as part of the family and an integral part of our success.

We do quality control

We have the most quality assurance check points among all auto collision repair shops in San Antonio. We only send out a vehicle when we know we will not see it again unless it is involved in a different accident.

We don’t charge extra on our guarantee

We believe that it is not fair to charge extra for a great service. We are an independent shop so we are not tied down to any insurance company’s selfish whims. We rely on satisfied customers to refer us to other clients, and we have survived for over 20 years because of it.