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Miracle Body and Paint Knows How To Help You After An Auto Accident

Being involved in an auto accident or collision is always an unnerving experience for anyone. If you find yourself in one, the last thing you want to do is to deal with your insurance company. A lot of insurance companies push their clients to go to a preferred auto body shop. At first you may think this is a convenience in your part, but if you look closely, there is a whole other story behind it. They steer you to have your auto repairs done at a preferred shop since they already have a pre-existing deal with them to finish the repair a day early or two so they can save money on your car rental. Since the preferred shop is highly dependent on the insurance company for clients, they will cut corners on your repair just to make the insurance company satisfied. That is why we advise you to go to an independent auto repair shop like Miracle Body and Paint first before having your car repaired.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas handles hundreds of auto accidents every month. We can help you because we know who we need to talk to in order to get your vehicle repaired quickly. We have been servicing the San Antonio area and its surrounding counties for over 25 years and have dealt with many insurance companies through time. We have grown our business through trust relationships, making sure we give repair estimates that are accurate and service that is at par. We make sure our clients, not the insurance company, get the deductible discounts. Even if we are not considered a preferred shop, many insurance adjusters have already acknowledged that we can make their job easier with our accurate quotes.

If you find yourself in an auto accident, visit Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas now to get your estimate. Regardless if you are at fault and need to have your vehicle repaired, we will quickly review your coverage if a deductible can be applied and be discounted. Afterwards, you can just call your insurance company to handle everything else for you.