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Making Roads a Safer Place for Pedestrians

Avoiding pedestrian accidents is a responsibility of a person behind the wheel. According to an article on, pedestrian accidents can be severe due to the fact that pedestrians do not have a vehicle or a seatbelt that shields them from an impact.

A driver can contribute to making roads safer to pedestrians by following the pieces of advice given in the article, including the following:

Being Patient With People With Challenges and Seniors

People who are blind need special considerations. A blind person may not be able to hear an approaching electric car, for example. So,  it is advised that a driver must leave extra distance and time for the blind person or people with special circumstances. A senior may find it necessary to spend extra time crossing a street and may have difficulty seeing an approaching car.

Slowing Down in Pedestrian Areas

A driver slowing down when seeing a pedestrian is allowing more reaction time in case an accident happens. It is difficult to predict the behavior of pedestrians. Slowing down means trying to avoid a pedestrian accident, which can happen in a fraction of a second.

Making Eye Contact With a Pedestrian

Making eye contact with pedestrians who are about to cross the road allows them to know whether it is okay to continue crossing a road or not. The eye contact helps avoid confusion that can result in an accident.

Taking Notice of School Crossing Signs and Following School Bus Rules for Drivers

Children are not usually careful when crossing the street. So, there are special rules made for drivers who are driving within a school zone and near school buses. Furthermore, always follow a command given by a school crossing guard to avoid accidents. It is also important to never ignore a school bus stop sign.

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